Bi-fold Doors

From Design & Install, to Install Only

Installing Bi-folds into a new build is relatively straightforward as all of the required structural elements can be installed right from the start. When adding a bi-fold door into an existing building, typically creating a new or widening an existing aperture, there are a number of considerations to be made.

Maintaining the structural integrity of the building is an obvious requirement, though maybe not a straightforward task. Consideration must be given to the strength and suitability of the wall, adjacent windows and doors and how they will impact on the new loadings that a new or increased aperture will bring about.

Getting the new aperture to blend into the existing wall is also key for a successful installation. Matching bricks on an older property especially problematic.

Most bi-fold door installers do not get involved with any building works and want the aperture ready and complete. We do everything, from start to finish. Take a look at a couple of projects that we have completed in Swansea.


Paul, Mumbles

Structural Alteration, Bi-fold door

Thomas langland

Bifold Doors, Structural Alteration