Structural Alterations, Bi-fold Doors


One of our sub-contract trusted joiners had a project of his own with a difficult structural alteration and asked us to assist. The existing French doors were to be removed, the aperture widened to accommodate bi-fold doors, and a returning wall between the kitchen and living room was to be removed. We managed to trace matching bricks in Carmarthen.

The difficulty was that to support the floor above the wall that was coming down we needed to install four beams; one from the hall wall to the exterior wall, that was laid within the joist space; another two above the new bi-fold; and a third that sat on the bi-fold beam and hung under the hidden beam to support the floor above. All of this meant a new foundation was required. Once we had installed the beams and the new bi-fold door, we plastered the walls, ceilings and added coving. The kitchen and new flooring was then installed.

Bifold and structural alteration

List of tasks

  • New foundation
  • Remove walls and dispose
  • Support exterior walls and remove existing beams
  • Install steelwork
  • Install Bifold door
  • Clad steelwork with dummy return
  • Plaster and coving