Structural Alterations, Bi-fold Doors

Bi-fold doors, structural alterations

The bi-fold installation was part of a larger refurbishment project in Langland, Swansea. The existing window aperture was too high and not wide enough for the new bi-fold doors. Working with the local building inspector, he deemed that structural calculations were not required for this opening.

We pinned the external wall whilst we opened up the new width and built new aperture cheeks with tied-in blockwork. Once the structural alterations were complete we installed the bi-fold doors, sealed, then reinstated both the internal and external walls.

List of tasks

  • New foundation
  • Remove walls and dispose
  • Support exterior walls and remove existing beams
  • Install steelwork
  • Install Bifold door
  • Clad steelwork with dummy return
  • Plaster and coving