Damp proofing is not a Dark Art,

though some will try persuade you that it is

Like any trade, you can only get a great finish if you use the correct product for the application. You also need to have knowledge into how the products actually work and teh pitfalls of using each one. As an example, there is no point injecting silicon into a stone wall, it’s just hit and miss, and why pay hundreds, sometimes thousands of pounds for a damp proofing job when you cant guarantee that it will work. We show you the right products to use below, if you are unsure of which application you need for your specific issue, let us know and we will help.

Damp Proofing – Tanking

Tanking is a cementitious slurry that is put on a suitable surface in two coats, one vertically applied the other horizontal. It is used typically where damp is exhibiting that requires a waterproof layer prior to reinstating the walls. Areas such as; party walls, where silicon injection is an absolute no no; basements, up to 2.5m underground, a different product is required when deeper than that due to hydroscopic pressure; and any wall that requires a waterproof membrane above ground.

Kingfisher TANKIT is a cement based tanking membrane that contains Portland cements, graded quartz sands and other hydrophobic ingredients. Once cured to the prepared surface, Tankit provides a fully bonded, waterproof tanking membrane. It is applied in the form of slurry which is typically applied by brush.

This product is used in conjunction with Kingfisher K-X11 and Kingfisher Barrier Mortar to give waterproofing capability down to 2 – 2.5 metres below ground level.

DO NOT be convinced that a cheap tanking powder mixed with water will do the job

damp proofing tanking
Kitchen makeover damp proofing tanking

Anti-Sulphate – Ground Salt Neutraliser

Anti-Sulphate is a highly concentrated solution, formulated to combat problems associated with ground salts. Salts such as nitrates, sulphates and chlorides can have a detrimental effect on rendering and tanking of walls and substrates. These salts can be found in high concentrations of ground water, in areas where coal has been stored in the past, or in the plaster of substrates of chimney breasts.

Kingfisher Anti – Sulphate Solution is an aqueous Magnesium-fluorosilicate solution that makes soluble salts insoluble and prevents further movement prior to rendering or tanking. It is always prudent to use Anti-Sulphate Solutions where ground water has penetrated the substrate.

damp proofing anti-sulphate
anti sulphate damp proofing

K-X11, Universal Bonding Agent

K-X11 has a multitude of uses, though in the context of damp-proofing, it is used to ensure that the damp proofing cementitious membrane adheres to the surface that you are placing it on.

K-X11 is added to the render if the substrate requires a render coat. The substrate requires a render coat if it is made up from stone and mortar; loose or crumbling bricks; and bricks/masonry on mortar.

K-x11 is also a vital component in the gauging liquid used with tanking

kx-11 damp proofing

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