Swapping French Doors for a standard uPVC Door

Original French doors
Newly replaced door

Brick Matching

When a single storey extension was built (by others) a set set of french doors were installed. The original uPVC back door remained in place, now becoming the door between the kitchen and the utility. We were tasked to remove the french doors and replace with the original back door as part of a major structural alteration to open up the kitchen/utility space.

The french windows were removed and the existing aperture was reduced using bricks that were sourced from a reclaim yard to match the originals. Once the aperture could take the new door, we removed the door from its current position and installed in the aperture. Now that the home could be made secure, we could demolish the walls to create the space needed for a new kitchen.

List of tasks

  • Remove french doors
  • Brick and block new aperture
  • Remove and then re-install uPVC door
  • Demolish walls
  • Install kitchen in new space