Resolve Courtyard height problem and Drainage solution

Incorrect patio height
Rebuilt courtyard

Drainage Solution

Previous owner had done what must be the most ludicrous alteration that we have seen to date. Not only was the courtyard height way too high (3 inches up the door) which is just stupid; but they had also connected the rainwater hopper straight to the sewer without a gulley, which is both stupid and dangerous.

We dug up the courtyard and removed the old soil pipes from the inspection chambre. We installed two new gulleys one to cater for the kitchen sink drain, and one to connect to the new eco-drain. We set the gulleys, and eco-drain and installed a new soil pipe for the waste from teh new bathroom. We laid indian blue sandstone slabs  to finish

List of tasks

  • Dig up courtyard
  • Remove old incorrect drains
  • Install new inspection chambre
  • Install new gullys and eco-drain
  • Install soil pipe for new bathroom
  • Lay indian blue sandstone paving