Rebuild roof and box gutter

Completed Roof rebuild
Leaking roof

Fix Leaking Roof

The bathroom below this rotten roof was showing signs of water ingress. Once we had removed the ceiling it was clear that the roof had been leaking for many years and the timbers had suffered from timber rot.

We removed the tiles above the pine-end and noted the timber-lead construction. We completely removed the entire end of the roof as the timber had rotted. We elected to use modern maintenance free cladding instead of the lead when rebuilding. We noted that the tiles were not laid correctly as the tile verge did not cover the pine-end, when rebuilding we moved the pine-end in slightly so that the roof verge was correctly positioned. We installed a new box gutter, new lead flashings and rebuilt the roof.

List of tasks

  • Removal and disposal of box gutter and pine-end
  • Constructed new roof timbers
  • New box gutter
  • stripped back roof
  • Added new lead flashings
  • New pine-end