Kitchen Makeover, Remove chimney breast

New kitchen installed
New kitchen installed

Benchmarx Kitchen, Laminate worktop

We had a short-notice postponement of a project that usually is a mini-drama for us with no-where to send the team. However we were fortunate enough to have a backlog of waiting clients so we managed to pull this one forward, a kitchen makeover in Glais.

We had rewired the home for the client as he project managed the refurbishment of his first home. We were deemed too expensive to prepare and plaster the entire house but the installation on the cheap caused problems later. We were asked back to complete the kitchen.

We removed the ceiling and insulated correctly. To gain some additional space we removed the old chimney breast. We left the blue protective layers on so that the client could paint after we had finished.

List of tasks

  • Removal of ceiling and inefficient insulation
  • New ceiling, correctly insulated
  • Move existing CH pipework
  • Remove radiator
  • Removal of chimney breast
  • Installation of supplied kitchen
  • Alteration of wiring and plumbing
  • Plastering