Structural Alteration with new Kitchen Refurbishment




Benchmarx Kitchen, laminate worktop

As one of the leading kitchen refurbishment companies in Swansea we were tasked with the following. The client had an existing single extension leading off of the kitchen that was used as a utility space. The original uPVC back door remained between the kitchen and utility, and a patio door led from the utility to the garden. The task was to knock the main supporting wall of the house down, to open up the kitchen into the utility creating a large kitchen space. At the same time to remove the patio doors and alter the aperture size to re-use the existing uPVC door within the new aperture. The 3D model to the right was the starting point, the finished design altered as we progressed but you can still see the starting point in the finished design.

We matched the original bricks and created the new aperture. Once the new brickwork was ready for it, we moved the door and took down the wall. Once the wall was removed we installed the universal beams and adjusted the floor heights to allow large-format porcelain tiles. The wiring was adjusted to suite the new layout and we repaired the ceiling either side of the new beams, feathering in the new plastering. As always using our local building inspector. Brenda elected to use her decorator to finish.

3D kitchen renovation

The list of tasks is as follows:

  • Create new aperture matching existing bricks, re-use existing uPVC door
  • Structural Alteration to open up new space
  • Level off floors for large format porcelain tiles
  • Feather finish into ceilings
  • New floor and wall tiling
  • New kitchen, plumbing and electrical works