Kitchen, Remove old storeroom

Benchmarx Kitchen, Bassett Laminate Worktop

The kitchen remodel in Bonymaen, Swansea was relatively straight-forward. The customer had an old storeroom in the kitchen that took up valuable space in her living room. We needed to demolish the storeroom and block up the old doorway to enable a much larger run of kitchen units.

We removed the ceiling and the kitchen units before removing the storeroom and blocking up. Once the base units were installed we levelled off the floor and installed a premium finish Camaro floor, complete with grout-lines and a border.

List of tasks

  • Removal of all units & wall coverings
  • Removal of brick built storage room
  • Installation of Kitchen
  • Enclosure for washing machine
  • Plastering
  • Installation of splashbacks and tiles
  • Camaro flooring